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We always bring a flexible approach to our work. If you have any communications issues you're not sure how to solve, talk to us and we may be able to help.

Some of the specific services we've provided other organisations include:

  • Report Writing: Writing reports is essential in communicating the quality and importance of your work to stakeholders. With our expertise in research, editing and writing, we can produce exceptional reports for you.

  • Professional editing services: We provide full professional editing services, including proofreading, copy editing and structural editing. Find out more at Ellipsis Editing.

  • Review website structure and copy: There are few elements to your communications more important than a decent website. We can review the structure and content of your website and write fresh copy that is sure to engage your audience. We can also build new, simple websites for clear and powerful communications.

  • Organisational style guide: Consistency of voice and brand is one of the fundamental elements of a communications plan. After consulting with you, we can write up a style guide that includes the principles of language you can apply to everything you write, from Twitter posts to government submissions.

  • Effective copy: When you need to cut through to your audience, effective copy is essential. Whether it's for your website, print media, or through your social channels, we can help you reach your readers with clear and powerful messaging.

  • Simple English: One of the most effective ways of communicating clearly and improving accessibility is by using Simple English standards, which avoid jargon, complex sentence structures, and difficult words. It's great for making sure your publications can reach the widest possible audience.

We bring a flexible approach to all our consulting work. Not sure if you see what you need? Get in touch and discuss the best options with us.

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