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No two workplaces are ever alike. Different organisations each have their own mission, culture, and their own challenges. We bring flexibility, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, to everything we do.

But flexibility doesn't mean inconsistency. We provide consulting in a broad, five-step process. How this plays out in practice varies from one situation to the next.

Step 1: Define the scope. This might be as specific as a budget or a defined project, or it could be a general sense that something isn't quite working. We work with you to figure out how big or small the issues are, and what will be required to make change for the better.

Step 2: Engage broadly. Better decisions get made when people of all levels are involved. Teams are more likely to invest in change if they're part of the process. This is why we consult directly with the team in whatever way we can.

Step 3: Define outcomes. Once we have a better understanding of the issue, we help define a shared language and understanding of what the outcomes will be. This is a chance for everyone involved to have final input so that the project gets the right results.

Step 4: Embed change. In some cases, you may want help managing change. We work alongside you and your team, can produce the necessary communications to support change, and where needed, draw on the support or expertise of the team to ensure change is well implemented.

Step 5: Review and support. The best-laid plans can go awry. We offer a period of support following any project, inlcuding any tweaks or adjustments that might come up. We'll also check in with you down the line to make sure everything has stayed on track.

Find out more about our operations and communications consulting support, or get in touch.

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